Terms of Service

Gamebuds is a dynamic blog covering games and sport entertainment where fans and enthusiasts come together to discuss their passion. This page outlines the rules and guidelines to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone. Make sure to give it a read and be part of our thriving community.


Welcome to Gamebuds, brought to you by the Unicurve company. By accessing gamebuds.au, you’re agreeing to these Terms of Service. If any of these terms don’t sit well with you, it might be best to refrain from using our platform.

Use of the Website

Our website allows you to view content and drop comments, granted they’re in line with our community vibe. A couple of things you shouldn’t do:

  • Copy or share our content without asking us first.
  • Act in a way that’s harmful to our site or affects its performance.

Comments Policy

We absolutely love hearing from you, but we’ll need to remove comments that are rude, offensive, or look a lot like spam. We’ll be the final judge of which comments stay and which ones take a hike.


Heads up! Everything you see on our site – from articles to funky graphics – belongs to the Unicurve company. Australian copyright laws back us up here. So, please don’t take, duplicate, or distribute anything without chatting with us first.

Limitation of Liability

We’re a meticulous bunch and aim to be spot-on with our info. But, sometimes humans err. We can’t be held responsible for any mishaps (be they direct, indirect, or the sneaky consequential kind) that stem from using our website.


Sometimes, things need a tweak. If we adjust these terms, and you stick around, that means you’re cool with the changes.

Governing Law

For the legal eagles: Australian law is what guides our Terms of Service. If ever there’s a disagreement (hope not!), it’ll be sorted out under Australian jurisdiction.


Got questions about all this? Hit us up on our “Contact Us” page. We’re all ears.

Enjoy the game talks and thanks for being a part of Gamebuds!