About Us

The Gamebuds Story

In the vibrant world of sport and gaming, three enthusiasts envisioned a unique platform. Established in 2023, Gamebuds was founded by Unicurve director Andrew Lancaster and his children, Jarrah and Aubrey Lancarter.

While the trio shares a collective interest in sports – with Jarrah and Aubrey making waves in AFL and basketball – it’s the realm of gaming and sports entertainment that truly unites them. Tired of the same old narratives in coverage and reporting, they aspired to offer fresh, different perspectives.

More than Just a Blog

While Gamebuds started as a digital playground, it quickly evolved into an integrated platform encompassing both a website and a YouTube channel. The mission? Create content that not only resonates with the family but also with sport and gaming enthusiasts across Australia and beyond.

A Unicurve Adventure

Behind Gamebuds is the digital capabilities of Unicurve, a publishing company founded in 2013. With years of experience in producing online stories, Unicurve extends its expertise to ensure Gamebuds stands out.

We invite you to jump in and consume our stories, analyses, and commentaries. Here at Gamebuds, we’re not just recounting the world of sports and gaming; we’re trying to reimagine it. Join us on this journey!